2G+4+ video tiling processor: tile 4 or more HDMI devices

2G+4+ tiler

Many of our dealers have been waiting patiently for the release of Just Add Power’s video tiling processor, designed for tiling four or more HDMI source devices on a single screen in Full HD 1080p.

Well…the wait is now over: the 2G+4+ video tiler will ship to Just Add Power distributors on December 7th and be available for dealers to purchase from then onwards. Find your local Just Add Power distributor.

About the 2G+4+ video tiling processor

Just like the rest of Just Add Power’s HDMI over IP hardware, the 2G+4+ tiler is an incredibly flexible device that can be applied to a vast range of residential and commercial installations that require multiview functionality, whatever their size! For residential jobs, the most common zones that 2G+4+ tilers will be implemented in are man caves, home offices and games rooms, where entertainment is a key feature. The homeowner will be able to watch four of their favourite HDMI devices, i.e. up to four shows, movies or sports games, simultaneously on a single screen in a variety of multiview modes.

If they need to watch more than four source devices on a single display, simply stack another tiler to add an extra three source devices as tiles. There are an array of multiview modes including four equally sized tiles (quad view) or one large tile with three smaller tiles running horizontally or vertically. The tiles can appear with or without coloured or plain bezels (dependent on your client’s preference). You can also easily select and see which tiled source’s audio is being output by the display.

It’s a mancave device that isn’t confined to just the mancave. Now every TV can do multiview!

If you install just one 2G+4+ tiler within a home or sports bar alongside a Just Add Power matrix made up of any second generation model of transmitters and receivers, then the tiler can be viewed on any display with a Just Add Power 2G/2G+/2G+AVPro receiver behind it. So homeowners can actually watch the Just Add Power tiler on any integrated TV in their home. Plus, for the many dealers out there who rely on Just Add Power for their sports bar installs this provides the excellent opportunity to return to completed sites and generate some extra revenue by retroactively adding the tiler to the client’s existing network of 2G and 2G+ devices.

Tile digital signage on Just Add Power video walls.

The 2G+4+ tiler can be shown on any size of Just Add Power video wall (2×2 to 16×6). Particularly useful for sports bars, casinos and other commercial environments is the ability to select the tiler to be viewed on single displays within a video wall. Display and tile content from multiple digital signange players on one more of the video wall screens during game-time when a venue is packed- the 2G+4+ video tiler is perfect for displaying drinks deals and company branding in hospitality venues.

Walk about Bristol 2

Easy to install.

As mentioned, the 2G+4+ will work seamlessly with any 2G, 2G+ or 2G+AVPro transmitter and receiver. If you wished to tile four source devices you would need: 1 x single 2G, 2G+ or 2G+AVPro transmitter per HDMI source. You then connect the individual transmitters to the ports marked RX1, RX2, RX3 and RX4 on the 2G+4+ tiler via a single Cat 5e/ 6 cable. Each source device can be viewed as normal (aka singluarly or non-tiled) as well as in tiled mode, because it is physically connected to both a single Just Add Power transmitter as well as the 2G+4+ tiler. You then connect the port labelled “TX” on the 2G+4+ tiler to your Layer 3 Gigabit Managed Switch via another Cat 5e / 6 cable. The four sources will then be able to be viewed singularly or in multiview / tiled mode on any screen with a second generation Just Add Power receiver.

final 2G+4+

2G+4+ specification

● 4 x 2G HD over IP Receivers on board

● 1 x 2G+AVPro HD over IP Post-Mix Transmitter

● 1U 19″ Rackmount Chassis

● Universal switching power supply: 100V ~ 240V

● Reversible Mounting Position (can be installed 10 ways)

● HDMI Passthrough port on Transmitter for local display

● Stereo Audio Extraction with volume control

● Stereo Audio Extraction with Adjustable Lip Sync

● Locking HDMI Cable port

● Instant Seamless Switching Between Sources of same resolution

● Full HD 1080p Video Transmission

● Stereo or Multi-channel Audio supported

● Built-in Video Wall Function (will support video walls from 2×2 to 16×16 in size)

● Modular design for easy maintenance

● Easy Free Firmware Upgrades​ to add future functions