New JAD Config version available

Just Add Power 3G Ultra HD over IP install


We’ve released a new version of JADConfig – our free software tool used to set up a new 2G or 3G Just Add Power installation. JADConfig will configure the managed network switch, assign IP addresses to all Just Add Power devices, and then update all Just Add Power device firmware in the system to a matching version. Here’s what’s new for v.

1. Luxul AMS-4424P unstacked option

2. Image Push (background image) has been moved to the firmware update page Image Push is still 640×480 jpg at 24-bit color maximum They can upload most image sizes, but it must be .jpg and 24-bit color

3. Report file at the end of JADConfig now lists MAC Addresses of Just Add Power devices in the text file.

4. Report file also has type of device and firmware version in-line with device info

5. Detection script for 3G-HIFI, 3G-VGA, 2G/2G+/2G+AVP, TX/RX

6. HDMI disconnection confirmation popup box on switch diagram window

7. If not all devices are discovered, there are now 2 rescan options: Rescan and Append – to be used when a device is unresponsive and no patching is changed. This option remembers devices that were found and only looks for missing devices. Clear and Rescan – to be used when a device was patched incorrectly to clear all discovery and start from scratch. All devices will be rediscovered.

8. Background script to check when firmware update is done after long period of uptime.

Download the latest JADConfig version by visiting the JAD Config area on our support site.