Just Add Power announce 4K HDMI over IP with HDR support.

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Just Add Power 3G Ultra HD over IP, now with support for 4K HDR content, offers integrator features that literally no other manufacturer does. Ten years of experience as HDMI over IP pioneers (something that no other manufacturer can claim), means that there are key differences that set Just Add Power products apart from competing solutions. If you are new to the HDMI over IP market, then it’s worth noting that some of the below can have a major influence on things like image quality, product life-span, and system performance.

1. We’re the only brand with HDR support and seamless 4K scaling.

The same 4K over IP solution we launched in Q4 of 2015, will now do HDR in 2016- no new hardware needed! Our latest firmware update (coming soon) will offer integrators the ability to distribute 4K content with HDR from devices like the Kaleidescape Strato and Ultra HD Blu Ray Player.

Also, for the common residential scenario in which there are a mix of 4K and 1080p TVs, the 3G Ultra HD over IP receivers have a built-in scaler that downscales 4K with HDCP 2.2 to 1080p, for viewing on Full HD TVs. The receiver can also optionally upscale 1080p to 2160p for 4K TVs. The scaler maintains full HDCP compliancy at every handshake.

4K and 1080 screens

2. Just Add Power does not use IGMP switching & degrade image quality when you add more sources.

IGMP  involves compressing every single source device into IP packets and making them share the same VLAN on the Gigabit network (with the maximum number of sources on a single VLAN being 16.) The more sources that share a VLAN, the more degradation of image quality for your client. If you’ve got more than 1 or 2 4K band-width intensive sources sharing a VLAN, the loss in image quality will be clear to see! By comparison, with Just Add Power products every single source device has its own dedicated VLAN, meaning it has access to a full 1 Gb of data, allowing us to more effectively utilise bandwidth to deliver the best image quality possible.


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3. We handle audio better

Deliver any audio format up to and including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X using the 3G+HIFI transmitter as part of your 3G Ultra HD over IP matrix. For sources that need to be enjoyed in 5.1 in multichannel zones and in 2.0 channel elsewhere, use a 3G+AVPro transmitter with licensed Dolby DSP. Both models of transmitter will work together in the same network.


4. We’ve already been put to the test.

When reviewed by CEPro, 3G Ultra HD over IP worked with every single 4K source device currently on the market. CEPro reviewer Joe Whitaker said “Down-scaling and down-mixing tested without a hitch and the switching was phenomenal. I expected to see some delays when changing resolutions but didn’t.”CEDIA-Award

We are the HDMI over IP brand of choice for some of the UKs top CI companies, having featured in  winning projects by Inspired Dwellings and James and Giles. With both UK and US based tech support available, it means you have access to unparalleled pre and post install support. Plus, if you live in the UK we offer a free site visit or phone walk through when you set up your first HDMI over IP install.


Photo of Inspired Dwellings’ install