2G / 2G+ Firmware A5.31 FC+4+

New Features

All of the following new features have been added at the request of installers. Newer firmwares have all of the features of older firmwares.

Reminder: For best results, all Just Add Power devices within a system should be running the same version of firmware.

Added in A5.31 FC+4+

  • Support for the 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter
  • Support for the Flux Capacitor IR Dongle
  • Fixed corner case 96khz audio bugs
  • Fixed corner case computer resolution bugs

Added in A5.30

  • Webname – The Image Pull™ window on the Just Add Power web interface can be assigned a name for identification purposes.
  • The HTTP Interface now indicates whether you are connected to a Transmitter or a Receiver.
  • Image Pause™ – Pause the Receiver video stream on the last active frame. The image on that device will remain Frozen. Unpausing will return to the live video stream.
  • Image Pull™ – Performance improvements. Now supports higher frame rates without impacting the Receiver performance.
  • Improved USB support in HTTP Interface.

Added in A5.21

  • Image Pull™ – Every Just Add Power device has the ability to pull snapshots from the video they are processing. Image Pull™ is NOT running by default; it must be activated on both the Receiver and Transmitter side.
  • BMP to PNG Converter – Converts a .bmp image to a .png image. For programmers only. Contact Just Add Power Support for more details.
  • Integrated DHCP Server – For retro wiring solutions where there is a single catX cable run to a television location, that single wire can transmit video for a Receiver as well as internet access for other devices at the endpoint. The DHCP Server on Receivers facilitates addressing on other devices for network connectivity
  • Enhanced USB over IP support – Includes support for Touch Screen devices. Instructions included with the A5.21 firmware download. Contact Just Add Power Support for further assistance.

Plus all the great new features added in the A5.13 firmware release

  • Image Push™ – Over the network you can PUSH a JPEG picture onto any or all of the 2G/2G+Receivers. This includes support for storing multiple JPEG images on the Receivers, allowing these HD/IP devices to function as digital signage players. If the network goes down, the saved picture(s) can automatically be shown instead of an annoying blank screen.
  • Background Image Upload Utility – the default background of a Just Add Power Receiver is black. Win this new utility (a Windows executable program) a different image can be uploaded to replace the black background.
  • Send Command to All Receivers – allows the control system to send a single command to one Receiver, and then that Receiver will propagate thecommand to all other Receivers in the installation. Requires Layer 3 capable systems.
  • Video Wall Scaling Controls – automatic scaling for any video wall size based on values entered through initial video wall configuration.
  • Slideshow – a group of images pulled from a TFTP server can be configured to show in sequence. Timing per slide and number of slides viewed can be set as parameters.
  • Native IR Manager Support – IR Manager has been an under-utilized product in the Just Add Power line. These commands enable the learning and sending of IR data from the Just Add Power IR Manager.
  • OSD Debug – shows the current output resolution, Receiver IP address, Transmitter IP address, firmware version, RS232 status, VW status, and USB status. Great for troubleshooting and advanced system configuration diagnostics.


Uploaded: March 7, 2016
Modified: December 29, 2015
Version: A5.31 FC+4+