We make 4K over IP easy at CEDIA ’15.

3G RX and TX

Booth #6423, CEDIA Dallas.

Just Add Power team members will be out in full force at CEDIA Dallas for the official launch of the one-of-a-kind third generation (3G) Ultra HD over IP devices with HDCP 2.2 support. We gave a preview of 3G Ultra HD over IP, the latest evolution of HDMI over IP video distribution, at the CE/CI Pro Summit in August, but CEDIA Dallas 2015 will give you a chance to see the first large-scale demo of 3G in action and talk to reps about your upcoming jobs and dealer pricing.

What can you expect to see?

At CEDIA Dallas you can witness 3G distributing various pieces of 2160p content with HDCP 2.2 to a mixture of single 4K / HDMI 2.0 screens and Full HD 1080p / HDMI 1.4 screens as well multiple video walls with no additional signal management or video wall processing hardware needed. Just like always, with 3G one transmitter per HDMI source device, one receiver per display, a supported gigabit managed switch and Cat 5e/6 cabling is all that’s needed to build a 4K-capable video matrix with HDCP 2.2 support, built-in 4K scaling capabilities and optional Dolby downmixing from 5.1.


Why is 3G worth seeing?

3G quite literally gives you the freedom to watch everything everywhere.

The 3G receivers have a built in 4K upscaler / downscaler that can be used to downscale 2160p content to 1080p for display on Full HD 1080p / HDMI 1.x panels and upscale a 1080p image to 2160p for display on a 4K-capable screen. The built-in scaler and seamless HDCP handling (all done on the 3G RX) enables all content to be shown on any display whatever its resolution and HDCP version. There is also a passthrough mode on the receivers whereby, instead of scaling, it matches the native resolution and frame rate of the HDMI source device.

Whereas traditionally installers would have had to place additional signal management hardware at each display location for handling a mixture of 4K and non-4K screens or replace problematic legacy displays within the home, the release of the 3G Ultra HD transmitters and receivers guarantee that sources and displays both 4K and otherwise will play nice together within a residential environment.

Tonnes of other useful CI-centric features 

As well as video matrixing a mixture of 4K and non 4K devices, 3G can do a lot of other cool things that CIs will undoubtedly find useful. 3G devices can engage a stereo analog audio output with full variable control from the HDMI audio on both the RX and TX units. Third generation transmitters also have two analog audio inputs that can mix with HDMI audio. An Image Pop feature unique to the 3G range enables you to overlay a full color image or logo on top of the HDMI signal with alpha channel transparency- great for on-screen branding or doorbell alerts in a residential project.

Download the 3G Ultra HD over IP brochure for full product details... and don’t forget to call by Booth #6423