2G / 2G+ Firmware A5.13d

New A5.13d firmware for the 2G/2G+ platforms. The following new features are included:

1)  Custom JPEG background image support.  Replaces Receiver black screen when network is down (API included)

2)  Slideshow support.  Can be used to show multiple slides when desired or when network is down

3)  Support for 59.94hz video sources (i.e. HD-SDI cameras connected to SDI Transmitters)

4)  New OSD Debug tool

5)  Improved USB over IP support, includes Video Wall App and Instant Switching support

6)  Improved HTTP Interface

7)  Native support for IR Manager – works with all control system drivers

8)  Support for sending any command to all Receivers (i.e. Turn OFF or ON all screens with CEC over IP)

9)  Improved Video Quality (fixes scrolling text and pixelation glitch introduced in A3.54c)

10) Improved Video Wall App support – automatic scaling adjustment feature


File Size:1 MB Version:1.1