2G / 2G+ Firmware A3.21C

Copyright 2013 Just Add Power Cardware Co., Inc.  The A3.21C Firmware is the current factory loaded firmware for new 2G and 2G+ devices, and is not backwards compatible with earlier firmware versions.  There is a newer A3.54c firmware available here for projects needing the latest 2G/2G+ features.  You MUST update all of  your existing 2G devices to this firmware to take advantage of the new features.

Here are some of the highlights of A3.2a:

1)  Native support for 3D Side-by-Side sources on all 2G devices (see the 3D PDF in the ZIP file for details).  You must have 3D capable TV’s and sources to use this feature.  We recommend Panasonic Blu-Ray players if distributed 3D is desired.

2)  Improved connectivity and diagnostic messages.

3)  Support for the 2G+ Audio Delay functions via console commands.

4)  Support for the 2G+ USB over IP functions via console commands.

5)  Support for Layer-3 routing, enabling complete access to the 2G RS232 ports from any control system – contact support@justaddpower.com for details on how to implement RS232 over IP.

6)  Support for CEC over IP commands on the 2G+ platform.
Reminder:  It is absolutely necessary to upgrade all of the 2G devices to this firmware in order to realize the new functions.  It is not possible to get 2G’s running an earlier firmware to work with any device running A3.21c or higher firmware.


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