1G Firmware V.90 for IR Support

Since September 2010, the 1G products have been built and shipped with the Just Add Power V.92 firmware that solved the memory leak that limited 1G Transmitters to about 8 screens at a time.  The programming needed to support 200+ screens required that the IR function be removed from the firmware.  Users with installations having less than 8 screens may prefer to use this original V.90 firmware to enable the IR ports.

The same restrictions apply to the IR ports as always – the first attached Receiver is the only station that can send IR commands back to the Transmitter. The instructions included with the ZIP file are written towards the V.92 firmware installation, but the process is the same to install V.90.  We also include instructions on how to set the IP addresses on the 1G TX/RX (can be done with V.90 or V.92 devices).


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